Are you sure your dimensions are correct? would like to purchase one, but cannot affort $145. Did the other things she pointed out match the bag from CCP though? Le Pliage est aussi pourvu d’une poche plaquée à l’intérieur et d’une fermeture éclair pour pouvoir le fermer en toute sécurité. I just ordered a medium short handle (my other one is a large shopping) and maybe wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known the quality wasn’t going to be that great. Stephanie Legore I bought a long champ le pliage on sale (curry, white lining) and all the signs matched with the signs of an authentic le pliage that you’ve mentioned. ou Faire une offre. On the back of the flap, it reads LONGCHAMP with MODELE DEPOSE (with accent marks though barely visible) underneath between the stitches. The G on LONGCHAMP is very close to looking like the C. Maybe send me an email with pictures ? SNAP BUTTONS So, can I say that my bag is authentic eventhough it does not have a care card? can you please help me authenticate this? Does this mean that the large tote i’ve just purchased is fake? Thank you. Mine has a barcode with number (3 597921 026051) Then there’s CE 18.09 Chocolate AA 1899089203 I have LM Metal Gold but the material is smooth even the inside . Hi all of the authenticity criteria are met but the only thing is that it doesnt have the “ykk” on the zip. Marque: Longchamp. so im just concerned if there is a difference. So I told her and she said it’s actually wine red. Hello! And the seller says she got it from factory outlet. The one I have is up right, but some of my other ones are at an angle. Hi Susan, thank you for your guide! I felt a tube inside the handles, I freaked out… So I emailed longchamp asking whether the bags should have a tube in the handles, and turns out the answer is yes! Can you please tell me the correct color code for Cyclamen? In any case, because of your site, I now have such an appreciation for this brand. Like the style number. You are not alone! Travel Luggage Please email them to be at Hi! 38,58 EUR. Backside of the flap has brown stitching. I sent you an email regarding my concerns abouth the longchamp i bought few days ago. Taille accessoires. Il se plie en quatre pour vous apporter praticité et élégance avec ses garnitures cuir et ses coloris de saison. inside a single black nylon-isn slide pocket I too a lot of time to research that! Hi! Unfortunately I was only able to confirm that ONE is real. TYPE “M”: Short handles, Medium Tote Thanks in advance. If you are ever in Las Vegas, please contact me or send me a message on Facebook. I can stop making myself crazy and just let her pick it up while she is there. This is a very informative page, thanks for posting this! It’s not my first time to pay a quick visit this website, i am visiting this web page dailly and get fastidious data from here all the time. LONGCHAMP PARIS I don’t see Opera as a color on your chart. I saw Bloomingdales and Nordstrom have them…they can’t sell fake ones right!? It’s the mini de pliage. Please help me figure out if its authentic or not. users to pay a quick visit the web site, that’s what this web site is Thanks! Thanks! Hello Susan Well I have just purchased via e.bay a Black Leather Roseau single handle shoulder bag with toggle !!! 1601002001. LONGCHAMP PARIS 0980834 But at the back of the flap, it’s written ‘Longchamp’ then below ‘Le Pliage Shopping – Modele Depose’. Sharing my findings as a fellow shopper. been looking for guides on how to spot on fake Longchamps. super detailed tips! Hi It’s great to have found your blog while looking for the prices of Long Champ here. 1515578033 Just a suggestion, perhaps you will like to include a note, or I may be totally wrong due to the different variation(large/medium) for different region(Europe/US) scenario? I was concerned regarding authenticity, am no longer, really – everything else but this hard plastic tag doesn’t check out – it’s missing the Longchamp Paris above Made in China…. It is VERY appreciated! Many thanks from Nina, Amsterdam / The netherlands- Holland, Dianne in Australia Does this mean what I bought is a fake? Would like to buy a large bag. Quallity articles is thhe crucial to invite the AUTHENTIC OLD MODEL. I just purchased a few Longchamps in Paris last week and found that Longchamp also outsource to Romania. The handle is flat (pass). Hi Jessica, send me an email with close up shots! You’re the new queen of detail. Hi Susan! I think this may be the Longchamp Tote – Planetes Medium. I emailed you the two links separately. Also, the bag sat in a cold closet in my home for many years. Kindly advise on this. MA DE IN CHINA The front snap button should read “LONGCHAMP” and “1948” with a jockey logo at the center. Would like the long handled tote/purse model 1899-089- retails for $145. thanks, I have done the same thing Kim I bought one too and it is from china. Hi Erin, I haven’t heard of any bag splitting like that. THANK YOU! I’ve seen Authentic Pliage bags labeled Fake when it wasn’t, and Fake bags that were labeled Authentic. Il existe également un cabas ouvert, des formats voyage et des sacs à dos. Cassandra Valderrama Hi susan,,, I mean, the bag itself will be less wide than the measurement between the zipper pulls, right? Also I can only find 2 accent marks over the E’s. TYPE “XL”: Short handles, Extra Large. Longchamp strictly follow quality control. 0901732 Any advice? Large Short handle Tote, TYPE “L”: 1624089### 5. pls reply asap because i just ordered one on-line after seeing it in one of the longchamp distributor stores, so i can have the chance to cancel my order . yay! I was wondering if Longchamp changed the lining colour for Gunmetal? Everything else that I have checked so far assures me that this bag is authentic in terms of the zipper, plastic snaps, flat handles, and since my bag is the dark blue/navy color, the interior is black… I am just having second thoughts as to if this bag is authentic, fake or just an older model. Can you help me to figure out , this LC i bought authentic or not? Extra-Large Short handle Tote, TYPE “XL”: 1625089### Trust me. no YKK on zipper with misstitch on handle. Entrez dans l'univers de la Maison Longchamp et découvrez la collection Sacs pour Femme de Longchamp. I just wanted to know out of curiosity. HI 4. Many thanks. Can u tell me if mine is a fake one? Every little detail is perfect except that there are no accent marks over ‘e’s in MODELE DEPOSE on the back of the flap and the flap is the wrong size. The handle’s side edge is painted black/dark brown. I was really surprised. Do you have tips how to spot a longchgamp le pliage neo? I got it because I felt that it was a pretty good deal considering the condition of the tote. If you come across one, I can authenticate it. I think mine is authentic from what you posted but I read from other post that if the bag handles were wrapped in plastic then its fake. The Diamond pattern should also be visible. Thank you so much for the very detailed comparison. You are the best,,,,,, CR. It did not specify a size but it has arrived today and it turns out it is the large tote! I have a question that perhaps someone would be able to answer. Hi Susan, The bag is a small shopping style with a black and white fabric pattern (sort of jacquard) with a large black calf hair/pony hair pocket logo. I went through it step by step and my bag is the real thing. Le Pliage LGP Sac à dos S. Hi, really glad to find all these informations about Longchamp! LOVE your site! thanks you.hope u can help. Inspiré par les origamis, il se veut être léger et facile à transporter pour le quotidien. Literally, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see at least 5 people carry a Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ handbag. Thank you! Hi, need some help. – Jenn. I was wondering if you know much about the Longchamp Quadri crossbody in navy. Hi, I really like your site. I bought Burgundy color but the code is 219, which is Grape color. I just bought a 2nd hand Longchamp Shopping in black nylon long handles. Authentic: Both snaps (interior pocket and at the bottom of the bag) are reinforced with a transparent disc around the snaps. And my simplest logic: If the LongChamp store did not offer a marked down price for these models, how can someone else sell the models cheaper? except that the diamond pattern is cause by not-so diagonal lines, more of horizontal lines. Mar 23, 2017 @ 23:15. I was listing a Longchamp Le Pilage Purple tote on Ebay and while searching for more info ( since I am not familiar with Longchamp) I stumble across your Website. It passed all your criteria above, except the handle was about 4cm longer and the color was slightly darker. Sad to say, I bought a fake one after I checked on the details on the bag that I purchased, from the zippers, buttons, leather texture and the color…, building services company any feedback.. thanks.. Hi Susan, thank you for your very informative and indeed helpful blog in identifying the authenticity of the Longchamp Bag! LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” at a really low price. Thank you in advance and also for this terrific guide! If so, can you please let me know your email. Thanks!! Mona Lisa Fuster Thank you!! But after received the bag, and checking here and there. It is relatively easy to SEE the differences, but to manufacture it with the same specific details is another story. I measured the bag using the guide — 12×7 (fail) AA for France, AE for China. 2 enchères. I was afraid I had a fake. Hi Germaine, Entre nous, ceux-ci m’ont toujours fait rêver ! Donc, ce sera soit porté main ou saignée du coude, soit à l’épaule. all other details seem to prove that its authentic, except that indentation. think my colour is actually mint (hence the white lining) although it does look more like the cedar portrayed in your photo – sorry for confusion! Hello Susan, I live in Sydney, Australia though, the same city the seller located If the seller actually doesn’t ship to the US, because the international shipping rate could be quite expensive I guess? Inspiré par l'origami, Longchamp crée Le Pliage, un sac … pls tell me if its fake? Found I really like the Medium handheld, bought one there and just needed more as soon as I returned home. I paid full price for my medium longchamp tote and at the time had no idea that there were fakes out there. Que vous aimiez le cuir ou le nylon, les sacs Le pliage LGP existent dans ces deux … Thanks for ur entry, it was really helpful for me! This started to raise alarm bells as whether this bag is authentic or not…After looking at all of your advise and the bag the only issue is that the outside stitching does not match the color of the bag. Thanks. . Edité par poneydu06 le 28-01-2015 à 18h48. kindly help.. tnx.. ive already sent a photo on you’re email.. kindly help.. tnx.. ive already sent a photo on your email. LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ Check for the hyphen ( – ). Oh, and something else, one of the shoppers seems overly “fuzzy” on the suede-like overleaf of the leather closure flap… and I can’t see the reverse ghost imprint of the horsey on it either! I’m disappointed that my favorite bag with medals embroidered on it is fake. One of the lines from the blogger who wrote to LongChamp directly kept ringing in my ears…the part where LongChamp replied “We do not recommend shopping at retailers that are not authorized to sell LongChamp……” Well, we shall see! Le sac shopping et ses longues anses pour un porté main ou à l’épaule est toujours aussi spacieux et léger. Hi Susan! I recently bought a small le pliage pistachio short handled tote. Quick question. What surprised me was that my bag “passed” all the “visual requirements” It even has ykk and 45 on the zipper. I just confirmed that my first longchamp le pliage bag is authentic! Hi susan! Hi Susan! I just wonder if there is a distinct smell of the inner lining, what I got smells like a newly printed tarpaulin. Can you help? Hi! itmeans my LC is not authentic ??? Jun 19, 2013 @ 22:59. I hope you can tell me as soon as possible if I got duped so I can return this bag right away. MJQ Enterprises just sold several Le Pliage thru Metrodeal online. The tag says CLA TUN/E1, LONGCHAMP PARIS, MADE IN TUNISIA, 1063850, 1103786006. Thank you for your message and for your interest in our product. HOT-STAMPED GRAPHICS Wow. Thanks for your extensive information. Appreciate any knowledge/feedback in advance. I did not see mention of this in other posts. Andreas, Hi Andrea! I received a Le Pliage Longchamp Type “L” bag from a generous student years ago. Please help and Many many thanks for your time and good heart in responding to mine and other on this. However, I read on another site that the handles NEVER come with a plastic lining/cover on them when bought new. I just recieved a Longchamp bag and I didn’t wanna use it at first because I am aware that there are a lot of counterfeits going around and 8 didin’t want ti be one who uses those products. Thank you for the really insightful guide. Been using your guidelines for my purchases online, however I need ur help on something. Thanks so much! Would you know how to identify if a Planetes is authentic or fake? Sac porté main taille M Le Pliage Club par Longchamp, retrouvez la nouvelle collection et nouveaux coloris - Meilleurs prix + Livraison & Retour Gratuits That will not pass quality control. Thank you so much. 1007680 I looked at many aspects of this bag on eBay and it seems to be authentic but I could use your input, thanks! Et contre toute attente, la toile est assez résistante si on en prend soin. I just want to ask if you have any tips on how to know if a Longchamp Maroquinerie in navy blue is authentic? PayPal is now asking that I obtain a letter from an expert such as yourself confirming that the bag is fake. The quality of the Pliage has declined. Sure! Wow! I’m just wondering, how did you figure out it’s a fake if all of those details matched up? Hi Sandy, all the handles are usually firm in the beginning, but wear down and become soft, but please send me pictures! MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE. Some buyers in Manila have started to receive their bags and have declared it to be fake ones. I checked from the leather, the hot-stamped graphics, the zipper, the snap buttons and I could say that it is authentic EXCEPT for the flap- the jockey logo is not indented BUT I could feel it with my fingers. Your guide helped me weed out the fakes and I am glad to say I have I got a great deal on eBay on a medium long handle tote and a pouchette! Wonderful and extremely thorough, definitely wish you had one of these for other types of bags. Thank you so much for your very detailed review on authentic longchamp bags… I was just confused with one of your replies here in your blog with cynthia’s concern on whether L and XL sizes come with long handle. Thanks more power! Can you please let me know if there is a black Miaou Le Pliage Longchamp or if I should be worying about getting a refund? Not all these tips apply (ex: diamond pattern etc) but looking at the craftsmanship clues, the color code table may help (however, the style code will not be applicable). sac quadri longchamp – Ereh Any recommendations? 6,00 EUR. Authentic: I just bought my bag and i find it authentic based on the details on your blog. I also watched this YouTube video … this video made it seem like if you can see the pocket stitching it’s fake? – Does not have a “YKK” and “T” on both sides of the zipper, and a “45”. The differences are quite subtle rally and i can only i,agine if you did not have a real one to compare it would be almost impossible to tell. Fake: Can have a lightly-indented fish-scale texture, round or uneven pebble-like texture, or smooth. My recent purchase from an authorized retailer also says longchamp on the back side of the button instead of original prym 6/4b. Thanks, Kim. Please note: Purseforum’s Longchamp Authentication thread is not reliable. The accents are the only thing missing. Hmm good to know! No the Large and XL do not come in long handles. However according to this site Hi, just bought a Longchamp large shopping bag at Winners….everything checks out except the indentation of the logo (horse) cannot be felt on the inside flap. Tried to find info about the purse I picked up at a thrift store. So it’s real. It’s one of the orange bags with tortoise shell like leather. Just remember, Binding on straps = Fake. HI SUSAN…. , Hi Susan! Hi Karen! Longchamp . LE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ. The card inside says Sophie, so I guess that is the name of the bag. Are the zippers always metal on the makeup cases as well? I would really appreciate any help and answers! The zipper has 45, YKK, and T engraved on it. From what I know, the Le Pliage range were originally made in France. It just my eyes can’t see that mark or this bag is fake one? The jockey and horse’s head are pointing to the left. Now I know it is real, I will keep it Thank you so much! Thanks in advance for your help. Honestly not too fussed about it because in this day and age almost everything is made in China thanks to globalisation and all., what a super guide, now i know what is the genuine leather. Also, while there are accents in all the right places, the word DEPOSE bugs me – there is a little too much space between the P and the O, and the OSE part of the word seems to be slightly smaller and a bit askew. So, yes, I would say that your bag is real. This is my first Longchanmp bag, I bought it last month in the airport and I love it. Awaiting you reply ASAP, as The question I wanted to post on here for helpfulness to everyone is, do you know approximately what year Longchamp stopped putting the line under the jockey? Authentic: L’avantage de la toile comme celle-ci, c’est son poids. I recently bought a bag from of all places Walmart! Same with me! The seller insist it’s large size but as I refer to your.code here, it’s medium. My LM has an inside tag that is made in china. just simply wanted to add the colour to your list. Or in a two tone expandable with vertical zippers model? Can you help me this, i bought LC lepliage cutton from ebay, its very fake because far from your authentication description. Have you ever heard of any Longchamp’s being defective. Like Snob Affair on Facebook | Follow Snob Affair on Twitter | I’m finally on Instagram! Would you know what the lining should be for color code 896? hi can u send me whos that seller thanks, Hi. The following is what the associates responded, Dear Ms. Tse, The clear tag also does not have a “made in X” location listed although the hot stamped words say MADE IN FRANCE.
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